Viiding, Kristi (2023). Vel animo vel scripto annotes: instructions for taking notes in the early modern Law studies. In: Valentina Lepri (Ed.). Knowledge shaping: Student note-taking practices in early modernity. (119−141). Berlin, New York: De Gruyter. (Renaissance Mind. Studies on the history of Knowledge; 1).

Raamatu tutvustus

How can we portray the history of Renaissance knowledge production through the eyes of the students? Their university notebooks contained a variety of works, fragments of them, sentences, or simple words. To date, studies on these materials have only concentrated on a few individual works within the collections, neglecting the strategy by which texts and textual fragments were selected and the logic through which the notebooks were organized.

The eight chapters that make up this volume explore students’ note-taking practices behind the creation of their notebooks from three different angles. The first considers annotation activities in relation to their study area to answer the question of how university disciplines were able to influence both the content and structure of their notebooks. The volume’s second area of research focuses on the student’s curiosity and choices by considering them expressions of a self-learning practice not necessarily linked to a discipline of study or instructions from teaching. The last part of the volume moves away from the student’s desk to consider instructions on note-taking methods that students could receive from manuals of various kinds.