Research Professor, PhD

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Kristi Viiding is the leader of the research project on literature of the nobility. Having received her education in Estonian philology and Latin Studies; since 1998 she has focused her research on mapping and contextualising research Baltic literature in neo-Latin. Her task in the nobility project is to work through primary and secondary sources for the handbook „The Nobility and Literature in the Baltic lands in the early modern period“, and for other publications planned in the project, with a view to preparing them for scholarly commentary. The core of her work is literature in Livonia and Curonia during the period of Polish rule, including the publication of a commented edition of the correspondence of a syndic in Riga named David Hilchen. She is interested in the genre canon of literature of the nobility , and the dynamics of its conservatism and change in connection with the mass enrollment of service and educated nobility beginning at the turn of the 16th/17th century.